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CAIPS-Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System

Do you need CAIPS?

Have you ever applied for any type of Canadain Visa before and:

  • Your Canadian Visa is denied.
  • Want to know the reasons for the denial.
  • Want to apply for a Canadian visa again.
  • Decision on your immigration application is delayed or pending.
  • Want to see various processing stages of your immigration application.
  • Want to confirm and verify information filled in your previous visa applications.
  • Want to see your statements during your visa/immigration interviews.
  • Want to see your immigration medical results.
  • Been called for a VISA interview.
  • Worried about your application status or progress, or are generally curious as to what has happened so far.

You seriously need help and we can surely help.



  • CAIPS is an abbreviation for 'Computer assisted Immigration Processing System'.
  • It is a Computer System used by all Canadian Visa Offices/Consulates to process VISA applications.
  • It is a computerized record of all visa applications made by an applicant till date.
  • It contains various processing stages of your visa application and comments by various visa officers.
  • It also contains the transcripts of all your Canadian visa interviews in the past outside Canada.
  • It is being superceded by GCMS.


  • FOSS is an abbreviation for 'Field Operations Support System'.
  • FOSS is the computer system historically used by CIC offices within Canada and CBSA officers at all Canadian Port of Entries like Airports, Land Borders or Sea-Ports.
  • It is used to track all immigration-related information of an applicant.
  • It also contains all your past interviews or even casual conversation with CBSA officer/s at Canadian Port of Entries.
  • It is being superceded by GCMS.


  • GCMS is an abbreviation for 'Global Case Management System'.
  • It is a newer version of CAIPS and FOSS that CIC are rolling out across their offices.
  • It is a unique computerized immigration file system without a need of two different file systems for within Canada (FOSS) and Outside Canada (CAIPS).
  • Each Visa Applicant is allotted a unique Client ID which never changes irrespective of how many times or types of Canadian Visa one applies.
  • With GCMS and a Unique Client ID, immigration information, historic or current is available to CIC and CBSA anywhere in the world.