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CAIPS-Application Process

How do I apply for my immigration file?

Its really easy-just follow the instructions below:

  1. Download the Application Kit from this page.
  2. Complete and sign the four (4) forms enclosed in this kit- our CAIPS FileCheck Application, the official IMM5475 Consent Form,the official IMM 5476 Use of a Representative Form and the official IMM 5667 Credit Card Payment Form
  3. Send the forms back to us via email(scanned), fax or mail.
  4. Send the payment via PayPal using your credit card or send us your credit card information on one of the forms.

Instructions Explained Below:

Obtain our CAIPS FileCheck Application Kit

Our Application Kit is a 8 page guide to applying for your CAIPS file. It includes a 'how to' guide, a section on frequently asked questions (FAQ), and the necessary forms that you will need to complete - our application form and the official CIC IMM5475 'Consent to Disclosure' form,the official IMM 5476 'Use of a Representative Form' and the official IMM 5667 'Credit Card Payment Form'.
You can download the Application Kit here. If you have any problems downloading the kit, please email us at and we will email, fax or post the kit to you. The Application Kit is in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format - if you don't already have Acrobat installed on your system, you can download Acrobat Reader free of charge here.

Complete the Application and Other official forms as explained below:

How to fill the Application Form?

Our simple application form confirms your personal details and tells us what service you want from us. If you need any further information on what is included with each service then please consult our price list or email us.

How to fill the Official IMM5475 'Consent to Disclosure' Form?

The IMM5475 'Consent to Disclosure' Form is an official Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC) form on which you provide your consent for CIC to disclose the information in your CAIPS file to us. CIC will not release your personal information (i.e. your CAIPS file) to us without it as to do so would be a breach of the Canadian Privacy Act.

As your CAIPS file contains not just your own personal information, but also that of your spouse and children if any, we will need additional IMM5475 forms to be completed and signed by any persons aged 18 or over that are included in your immigration application. These forms should be filled out with data relevant to the individuals (e.g. your spouse should put their own name and date of birth) but all forms should have the same file number (i.e. that of the principal applicant).

The IMM5475 form has just 7 boxes to be completed:

  1. After "I, the undersigned,", put your full name (e.g. John Paul Smith)
  2. After "born", put your date of birth (please use format "21-Jan-1967" to avoid any ambiguity)
  3. After "located in my file #", put your immigration file number (normally "B" followed by 9 digits e.g, "B 123 456 789")
  4. after "in", put the visa office which is handling your visa application (just the town will do e.g. "Buffalo", "London", "Moscow", or "New Delhi")
  5. after "Name (printed)" (at the bottom of the form), put your full name again, preferably in capital letters
  6. after "Date", put the current date in the boxes provided (e.g. 30 10 2006)
  7. after "SIGNATURE", sign in the box provided - please do not forget to sign as CIC will not release your personal information without your signature!

The Official IMM5475 'Consent to Disclosure' Form is available as part of our Application Kit (above) but if you would prefer to download it alone you can find it here - download the Consent Form.

How to fill the Official IMM5476 'Use of Representative' Form?

This form is for people who wish to appoint a representative (an immigration consultant, lawyer, friend, family member, etc.) who will conduct business with Citizenship and Immigration Canada on their behalf.
The form can also be used to cancel the appointment of a representative.
Download the IMM5476 Form

How to complete the form?
Just sign the Declaration and send the blank form, we will fill the remaining information ourselves.

Section B. 10. Your declaration By signing, you are authorizing us to complete your request for yourself and your dependent children under 18 years of age. If your spouse or common-law partner is included in this request, he or she must sign in the box provided. If you have dependent children aged 18 years or older, they must complete their own copy of this form.

Payment of the Service:

We now use PayPal preferrably to process credit and debit card transactions.


If you are don't have a credit / debit card or are unable to pay via PayPal, please contact us and we will try to find a solution for you.

You may alternatively send CREDIT CARD PAYMENT FORM duly filled.

A Bank Draft for the amount you selected in 'Type of Service' may also be sent in favor of 'GARRY MATTA' Payable in CAD or US Dollars.

Send the Completed Forms to us:

Via Post

Garry Matta
CAIPS FileCheck
6570 Cabeldu Crescent
Delta BC

via Fax

our Fax # is: 001-604-214-0004

Via Email

The Wait

The File requests are processed in Ottawa, Canada. Most file requests are processed in approx 6 weeks.

Our Response

We will email you the copy of your file along with interpretation if requested.

A copy of Sample Caips File is available for you.